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NASC Stock Detail Page

NASC ID: N16298

Name: della

ABRC stock number: CS16298

Description: Pentuple mutant of all five DELLA genes (RGA, GAI, RGL1, RGL2 and RGL3) generated by genetic cross; DELLA proteins are GA-signalling repressors that block GA-induced development.

Donation Date: 2008-03-06

Donated by:  Yale University XingWang Deng
Yale University Suhua Feng

Donor Number: della

Part of : Homozygous lines

Stock type: individual line

Material type: seed

Comment: recessive mutation

Status Price (£)
Available £7.50

Germplasm Info

Seed type: Transposon insertion

Mutagen: transposon insertion

Background: Ler(Landsberg_erecta)

Segregation status: homozygous

Associated Polymorphisms

When available, select a locus to display it at the AIP or view the EMBL record at the EBI.

Allele: Locus: AGI code:
  • gai-t6
  • rga-t2
  • rgl1-1
  • rgl2-1
  • rgl3-1
  • gai
  • rga
  • rgl1
  • rgl2
  • rgl3


The hypocotyl length, in red light and dark grown seedlings, is comparable to that of GA-treated wild type; PAC (paclobutrazol, a GA biosynthesis inhibitor) has no significant effect.