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NASC Stock Detail Page

NASC ID: N6236


ABRC stock number: CS6236

Donation Date: 2000-12-07

Donated by:  University of British Columbia (UBC) George Haughn

Donor Number: 001-036-006

Part of : Homozygous lines

Stock type: individual line

Material type: seed

Status Price (£)
Available £7.50

Germplasm Info

Seed type: Mutant

Mutagen: ethylmethane sulfonate

Background: Col (Columbia)

Segregation status: homozygous

Pedigree: backcrossed twice.

Associated Polymorphisms

When available, select a locus to display it at the AIP or view the EMBL record at the EBI.

Allele: Locus: AGI code:
  • tfl1-12


Strong allele, early flowering, reduced plant height and increased number of rosette inflorescences; determinate inflorescences; terminal region of primary inflorescence may consist of a single flower or of 2-3 clustered flowers separated by short internodes, in which organs of the 3 outer whorls are missing or are mosaic; secondary inflorescence apices are determinate and usually converted into a single normal flower; 2-5 normal flowers/inflorescence; photoperiod affects phenotype

Ontology annotation using Plant Ontology (PO) and PATO

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Entity Value
whole plant ShortHeightValue (PATO:0000569)
flower AbnormalValue (PATO:0000460)
flower EarlyValue (PATO:0000691)
inflorescence NumberIncreasedValue (PATO:0000420)
flower NormalValue (PATO:0000461)
internode ShortDistanceValue (PATO:0000375)