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NASC Stock Detail Page

NASC ID: N6943

Name: ga3ox1

ABRC stock number: CS6943

Description: confirmed line isolated from original SALK line SALK_004521; homozygous for the insertion

Donation Date: 2006-09-07

Donated by:  Duke University Tai-ping Sun

Donor Number: ga3ox1-3/ga3

Part of : Homozygous lines

Stock type: individual line

Material type: seed

Status Price (£)
Available £7.50

Germplasm Info

Mutagen: T-DNA Insertion

Background: Col-0 (Columbia, N60000 , SALK_004521 )

Segregation status: homozygous

Associated Polymorphisms

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Allele: Locus: AGI code:
  • GA3OX1-3
  • GA3ox1


Defective in gibberellin 3-oxidase 1; involved in the production of bioactive GA for vegetative and reproductive growth and development; semi-dwarf plants with a 50% reduction in final height and a slightly reduced rosette size compared with wild type; roots are slightly shorter; germination percentages are similar to wild type in either the dark or the light; plants have the same number of leaves as wild type, but they flower 3 days later than wild type; no observable plant phenotype was noted in the flowers and the fertility (average number of seeds/silique on primary inflorescence stems). Relatively high levels of expression in all organs and stages of plant development; predominantly expressed in the stem, consistent with the requirement of bioactive GA for stem elongation and the semi-dwarf phenotype; expressed at relatively high levels in the cortex and endodermis of the embryo axis of germinating seeds; expressed in roots of 5-dayold seedlings; the bioactive level of GA4 in plants is decreased , while the level of GA9 is increased compared to wild type.


Mitchum, M.G. et al. 2006. Distinct and overlapping roles of two gibberellin 3-oxidases in Arabidopsis development. The Plant Journal 45(5):804-18.PubMed ID: 16460513.