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NASC Stock Detail Page

NASC ID: N9354

Name: rcd1-1 - CEO1 - ATP8.

ABRC stock number: CS9354

Donation Date: 2003-10-15

Donated by:  University of Helsinki Jaakko Kangasjarvi

Donor Number: rcd1-1 - CEO1 - ATP8.

Part of : Homozygous lines

Stock type: individual line

Material type: seed

Status Price (£)
Available £7.50

Germplasm Info

Seed type: Mutant

Mutagen: ethylmethane sulfonate

Background: Col-0

Segregation status: homozygous

Pedigree: Backcrossed 4 times to Col-0

Ploidy: 2(n)

Associated Polymorphisms

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Allele: Locus: AGI code:
  • rcd1-1
  • rcd1


Sensitivity to ozone and superoxide, tolerance to paraquat, smaller, more erect rosettes, altered leaf shape, earlier flowering


Ahlfors, R. et al. 2004. Arabidopsis RADICAL-INDUCED CELL DEATH1 Belongs to the WWE Protein-Protein Interaction Domain Protein Family and Modulates Abscisic Acid, Ethylene, and Methyl Jasmonate Responses. The Plant Cell 16(7):1925-1937 .PubMed ID: 15208394.

Overmyer, K. et al. 2000. Ozone-Sensitive Arabidopsis rcd1 Mutant Reveals Opposite Roles for Ethylene and Jasmonate Signaling Pathways in Regulating Superoxide-Dependent Cell Death.The Plant Cell 12(10):1849-1862.PubMed ID: 11041881.